Confirmed Participants
A Confirmed spot occurs only upon payment of the entry fee.
Refunds can only be granted on or before August 23rd.

Total Player Spots: 42
Spots Remaining: 1

# Name Army Club Paid List
1 Tyler Schulz EoD In Progress YES No
2 Mark Bryson TBA Bison Brawlers YES No
3 Drew Richardson Goblins Bison Brawlers No No
4 Adam Ballard TBA Outlanders No No
5 Eddie Sexton Undead Bison Brawlers No No
6 Billy Henninger TBA Outlanders YES No
7 Russ Barnes TBA Outlanders YES No
8 Jared Holcomb Xtra Filth Sick Bastards No No
9 Austin Howell TBA Sick Bastards No No
10 Tim Roller Abyssals HHOT YES Sorta
11 Zach Clark Ratkin Minions YES No
12 Aaron Chapman Forces of the Abyss DOJO YES YES
13 open NA NA No No
14 Denny Hubert Basilea Bison Brawlers No No
15 Travis Minix Abyssals Bison Brawlers No No
16 Chris Christian Undead Bison Brawlers YES No
17 Joshua Farmer Elves Bison Brawlers No No
18 Patrick Zoro Allen TBA Tabletop Titans YES No
19 John Green Dwarves DOJO YES No
20 Devlin Smith Empire of Dust BCB YES No
21 Matt Young Ogres Llamadillos YES No
22 Jordan Lawrence Naughty Elves Tabletop Titans YES YES
23 Bill Harvat Goblins Outlanders YES No
24 Michael Pearcy Ratkin Llamadillos YES No
25 Nicholas Mikelonis TBD DOJO YES No
26 Tom Annis Basileans DOJO YES No
27 Hank Googe Dwarves maybe SoGoodDontNeedaClub YES No
28 Tim Lonas Goblins Outlanders YES No
29 Dan Cammack Abyssal Dwarves Blue City Brawlers YES No
30 Justin Anderson Trident Realms Bison Brawlers YES No
31 Lance Brown Varangur Bison Brawlers YES No
32 Brody Beck Varangur Lamadillos No No
33 Matt Carmack Empire of Dust Tabletop Titans YES No
34 Robby King Drunk something HHOT YES YES
35 Jeff Daniels Herdy Sallies HHOT YES No
36 Magoo (Ryan Chiasson) Twilight Kin HHOT YES No
37 Dustin Howard TBA DOJO YES No
38 Tyler Lytle Varangur Bison Brawlers No No
39 Ryan Smith Forces of Abyss All Ze Clubs YES No
40 Vince Hunn Ogres TBA No YES
41 Dylan Murray Forces of Nature Counter Charge YES No
42 Garrett Mercier NA NA YES No

If your name does not appear on this list and it should, or you have an update on the info listed, please send us an email at

Updated: 8/21/2019