2021 Confirmed Participants
A Confirmed spot occurs only upon payment of the entry fee.

Total Player Spots: 17
Spots Remaining: 13

# Name Army Club Paid List
1 Lance Hatcher Goblins OKCrew Y
2 Mark Bryson Herd OKCrew Y
3 Bill Blueflick TBD OKCrew Y
4 Aaron Chapman Sally/Varangur Dojo Y
5 Nicholas Mikelonis NS/AD/EoD Dojo Y
6 Tommy Mancino Trident Realms OKCrew
7 Lance Brown FoN OKCrew
8 Seth Kobiskie TBD Sick Bastards Y
9 Bruce McDanel TBD CC 580 Y
10 Austin Howell Undead Sick Bastards Y
11 Randy Davis Dwarfs Dojo Y
12 Thomas Annis Undead Dojo Y
13 Jarad Holcomb TDB Sick Bastards Y
14 Garrett Mercier Y
15 John Green
16 Michael Grudowski EOD Sick Bastards Y
17 Michael Wayne KC

If your name does not appear on this list and it should, or you have an update on the info listed, please send us an email at

Updated: 8/16/2021