Kings of War GT in Oklahoma City

Oct 10-11th

Welcome to Bison Brawl GT!

Be part of a successful 2nd year after we smashed it out of the park last year!
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Bison Brawl Tournament

Wargamers USA Masters Circuit: Mountain Region

Bugeater GT
June - Omaha, NE
Border Wars GT
June - Wichita, KS
Kings of Winter GT
December - Springfield, MO

The top performers in the Mountain region will have the chance to gain entry into the exclusive annual Masters Invitational at the end of the season. Details can be found at the US Masters Facebook Page

Mantic Games

Mantic has made a great game, and has been a great supporter of the hobby and the growth of the community. They regularly offer prize support to events and have a very hands on, responsive, and professional staff. Check out all of their great games below:

Mantic Games
Kings of War Resource Page