Kings of War GT in OKC

Coming 2021

Welcome to Bison Brawl GT!

We are back this year. The 21-22 August 2021.

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Bison Brawl Tournament

Wargamers USA Masters Circuit: Mountain Region

Kansas City GT
15-16 May - Kansas City, KS
Bugeater GT
2-4 June - Omaha, NE

Other Wargamers USA Master Near Oklahoma

Bayou Battle GT
6-8 August - Houston, TX
Samurai Showdown GT
17-19 September - Dallas, TX
Alamo GT
TBD - San Antonio, TX

Mantic Games

Mantic has made a great game, and has been a great supporter of the hobby and the growth of the community. They regularly offer prize support to events and have a very hands on, responsive, and professional staff. Check out all of their great games below:

Mantic Games
Kings of War Resource Page